Pet Identification


Losing your pet can be a traumatic experience and it often occurs unexpectedly. Accidents do occur, such as your pet: 

  • escaping out the door/window that was accidentally left open
  • bolting when frightened by loud noises (thunder, fireworks, etc.)
  • running off if the leash or collar break
  • being separated during a natural disaster
  • being stolen (whether unintentionally by a good Samaritan who found them roaming around or intentionally...) 
  • and many more possibilities..!

There are two forms of pet identification: permanent and visible. Permanent identification includes microchips and tattoos, while visible identification are collars and tags.

At Dawson Street Veterinary Clinic, we offer services for microchip implantation and application for Burnaby Dog License. 



Dog License

We are sold out of 2020 Burnaby city dog licenses.

You may purchase these at our clinic, Burnaby city hall or from the Burnaby BC SPCA.

New clients who have not purchased a tag from us before must provide us with a spay/neuter certificate or dog tag license receipt from previous years. 

The city of Burnaby's Animal Control Bylaw "requires that dog owners purchase a licence for their dogs". These are annual licence tags, and must be renewed each year with a fee. Dog owners may purchase dog license tags through us, at the Burnaby Licence Office or at the Burnaby BC SPCA. 

Besides following the bylaws, obtaining a dog license tag serves as visible identification and as information on both owners and dogs are collected at the time of registration. 

More information on the Burnaby City Dog Licence page.

Having some form of identification increases the chances of lost pets and their owners being reunited. It is also a good idea to have more than one form of identification. Although visible forms of identification can be used as physical proof of ownership, collars or tags may come off. Alternatively, even though microchips are permanent forms of identification, they are implanted under the skin, meaning they're unseen. Therefore, it would be ideal to have multiple forms of identification! 

Please read this article about a family from California being reunited with their missing cat in Burnaby after being identified by her microchip

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