What to Expect

Thank you for considering becoming a client at Dawson Street Veterinary Clinic. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accept New Clients at this time. However, we will update our status once we are able to accept new clients again. (2023) 

When you are looking for a veterinary care clinic you should be able to count on compassionate care and excellent service.  We at Dawson Street Veterinary Clinic in Burnaby, BC have assembled a caring team of veterinary professionals to bring you excellent healthcare for your pet.  We have a clean, comfortable, and inviting veterinary facility.  

It is recommended that an examination is done once a year for your pets. Our veterinarian, Dr. Cabanas, will check the health of your pet from head to tail, and provide you with an individualized health care plan for your pet, depending on their lifestyle and age-related needs. They will discuss with you current concerns and help you to develop a preventive health care plan for your pet. Additionally, when necessary, Dr. Cabanas is able to refer you and your pet to veterinary specialists for advanced medical diagnostic testing or treatment. 

How to Book an Appointment for your Pet:

1. Please call us at 604-620-9091 to schedule an appointment and we will find a time that is convenient for you.

2. To book an appointment we will need the following information:

    • Your full name
    • Your phone #
    • Your email address
    • Pet's name
    • Pet's age or birthdate (if known)
    • Pet's sex (male or female; neutered male or spayed female)
    • Pet's breed
    • Reason for booking an appointment.

How to Prepare for your Pet's Appointment:

  1. Have our "New Client Information" Form completed and emailed back to us PRIOR to your appointment date.

Our reception team will email the form at the time of booking an appointment. You may also find that form here.

 2. Provide us with any medical documents for us to review ahead of time (vaccine certificates, current medications, records and lab results from previous hospitals)

We can also request medical records on your behalf, we will need to be provided with the name of the veterinary hospital that your pet has been seen at and the information the file was under (your full name and phone #)

3. Knowing our clinic's location. Our address is 102-4381 Dawson St. Burnaby, BC. V4C 4B4. The alley leading to our parking lot is accessible via Rosser Ave or Madison Ave.

If we do not have any more parking spaces available, there are meter parking located along Rosser Ave, Madison Ave, and on Dawson St. If you live nearby, please feel free to stop by with your pet for a treat so they become used to coming in to see us!

When you arrive for your Pet's Appointment:

  1. Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.

We will not be able to accommodate any appointments if you are 10 minutes late. Please call us if you think there will be a delay in making your appointment time. If there is a consistent record of being late or not showing up for an appointment, we may require a deposit of the exam fee.

2. Please keep your dog's on leash and cat's in their kennel.

Having your pet in a carrier or on a leash can keep your pet safe from escaping and preventing any injuries to themselves or to others. We have an ongoing flow of patients checking-in or out of appointments throughout the day which means there may be multiple patients in the reception area. Some pets may be perfectly well-behaved, but please keep in mind it may be stressful for others. We are also located on a busy street so we would like to prevent any stressed pets from dashing and escaping outside the door. 


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Office Hours

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9:30 am-6:30 pm

CLOSED for lunch between 2:00 - 3:00pm


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CLOSED for lunch between 2:00 - 3:00pm


9:30 am-6:30 pm

CLOSED for lunch between 2:00 - 3:00pm


9:30 am-6:30 pm

CLOSED for lunch between 2:00 - 3:00pm


9:30 am-6:30 pm

CLOSED for lunch between 2:00 - 3:00pm


9:30 am-6:30 pm

CLOSED for lunch between 2:00 - 3:00pm